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Through personalised care, constant re-evaluation, careful planning and correct practices in physiotherapeutic intervention, we have established a cooperation of care, where physical therapists and clients agree and collaborate to achieve their therapeutic goals. The high quality of our physiotherapeutic services is attained and maintained through the constant education and personal development of our staff, combined with the use of the latest specialised equipment.
  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Massage & Manual Therapy
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Upper Hand and Upper Limb Physical Therapy

Lower Limb Physical Therapy

Spinal Conditions

Rehabilitation following Orthoapaedic Surgery

Sports Physical Therapy Department

Neurologic Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Manual Therapy

Post-Surgical and Common Pathological conditions Rehabilitation

Therapeutic and Sports Massage

Personalised Exercise Programs


Static and Dynamic Splinting

Paediatric Physical Therapy Department